Steam Car Cleaning

Steam car wash is the process of using steam vapor to clean a car's exterior and interior. For decades, steam has been a critical component of the cleaning industry, due to its effectiveness and sterilizing power.

Today, steam is being applied to the car wash industry.

A steam cleaning car wash uses a steam jet to wash and clean the car's exterior and interior. The steam jet is completely safe and can be used on all car surfaces, giving a perfect exterior finish without any spots or streaking. And when it comes to the interior, not only do they clean thoroughly, they also sanitize and deodorize too!

However, arguably the best feature of a steam car wash is its eco-friendliness. It takes very little water to wash a car with a steam cleaner, and it doesn't cause any waste water run-off either. In fact, you'll be astonished just how effective steam is at washing your car, without the use of any chemicals.

100% environment-friendly, no waste water run-off, and emission-free, the Alpina Steam Jet and Comby Steamers are the future of eco-friendly car washing!

Why use steam for car cleaning?

  • Consume as little as 4 liter of water per car wash.
  • Eliminate waste-water
  • Remove dirt, stains and grease.
  • Deodorize and sterilize surfaces.
  • Remove stains from upholstery in less time and using less water than an extractor.
  • Clean interiors, exteriors, engine compartments, door jams, floor mats, tire, trunks, upholstery, wheel wells, and hard to reach nooks and crannies.
  • Reduce the need for chemical cleansers.
  • Reduce the time spent scrubbing vehicle surfaces.
  • Wash without getting your feet wet.


Car cleaning with steam

Car cleaning interior + exterior

The Benefits of the Alpina Steam Car Cleaning System

1. Quick start - It takes only 60 seconds from a cold start before the steamer is ready to be used on the car!

2. Separation of water and electricity
- It is the only steam jet car washer that adopts separation of water and electricity, which is both safer and more reliable.

3. Adjustable wetness/dryness
- The water capacity of steam can be adjusted, so different capacities can be used for different parts of the car, which is both convenient and flexible.

4. Over-voltage protection
- Very sensitive when it comes to the detection of air pressure, it will stop automatically when the desired pressure is reached.

5. Higher operating pressure - The operating pressure exceeds the conventional upper limits, meaning cars and other objects receive a deeper, more thorough clean.

6. Anti-freezing - It doesn't matter if it's chilly outside, these steam jet car wash cleaners use anti-freezing technology, allowing you to wash your car in the coldest of conditions.

7. Energy & water saving - Using patented technology, these steamers can save more than 90% of energy during the start and stop process, and 10-20% of heat loss in its operating state. They also use far less water than conventional car cleaning methods.

8. No boiler - The technology we use to create our machines means there's no need for a boiler - ensuring safe use and no risk of explosion!

Steam Car Cleaning FAQ

Comparing different types of car wash
 Automatic Car Washing SystemHigh Pressure CleaningDry Chemical CleaningSteam Car Wash
Saving water  xx
No waste water  xx
Wash cars in cold winter, when all water freezes x x
Washing the engine, the interior and exterior of cars, even hard to reach places   x
No scratches on the car surface   x
Disinfect, remove smell, wax   x
No chemicals x x
Mobile Car Wash - Door to Door x x
Saving space   x
Protecting the environment   x
Time efficientx  x